Purchase of the
majority of shares
Capital Bank in Panama

Recognized as the Bank
of the Year 2022


Development of
a dollar-based digital wallet: Zinli

(international prepaid
Visa card)
Recently, our
growth strategy
has been marked
by three important
milestones that
have allowed us to
become a relevant
regional player:
We formalized the
purchase of the majority
of shares of Capital Bank
in Panama and its
subsidiaries: this
operation gives way to a
new financial entity with
close to 3 billion dollars in
assets and 263 million
dollars in net worth,
according to data
released by the banking
We were recognized with
the “Bank of the Year
2022″ award in Panama.
Said prize, sponsored by
the renowned publication
“The Banker”, from the
London based publishing
group “The Financial
Times”, is awarded to
banks thanks to their
performance, innovation,
added value to the client
and leadership in society. 
The digital wallet in
dollars Zinli (international
prepaid Visa card),
developed by our Panama
based fintech MFTech
S.A., allows transferring
money abroad and within
the same country, sending
or requesting money from
friends and family, buying
goods and paying for
services quickly; and
seeks to position itself as
the wallet with the highest
penetration in the region.