Becoming an

The bank’s market strategy seeks to give back to the country where it participates. An example of this is Panama where we have two major strategic lines.


The first, dedicated to a large number of commercial and corporate clients (including RE developers, etcetera), is how we serve our clients’ clients and how we serve the people who are close to us, those who are in our clients’ ecosystem. That’s a big step. The second is how we make an organization for the next generations. That’s where not only the bank comes in, but other Mercantil companies come in. It is a mix of how we serve our companies and how we focus on the next generations; and what is around the companies and in the next generations, those are like the two big pillars, which are different, but in time they should be complementary.

Ignacio Vollmer Sosa
Chief Executive Officer
Mercantil Holding
Financiero Internacional